Leader As a Coach

“Leader as a coach” is an important approach to leadership that emphasizes coaching as a powerful tool for developing and empowering teams. A leader as a coach actively supports the growth and potential of the team, enabling the team to reach their full potential and achieve organisational objectives more effectively.

In this workshop, you will learn how to coach your team members.

Why you should attend this workshop?

This workshop will provide you with necessary skills to coach your team members.

  • Equips leaders with essential coaching techniques, tools and methodologies
  • Helps leaders understand the importance of trust and how to build strong relationships with their team
  • Enables leaders inspire team members to take ownership of their growth and career development


By the end of this workshop, a leader will have

  • Learned the coaching techniques
  • Developed the active listening skills
  • Enhanced asking questions powerfully
  • Unleashed their potential to take ownership for their growth and development
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