Hiring The Right Talent

By selecting the right talent, organisations can avoid early attrition, it’s cost impact, low morale of the team and disrupted service to customers.  The quality of interviewing system will directly impact the selection process which is the first step in bringing the right people for the organisation to succeed and grow.  This will also ensure strong start for new employees.

Why you should attend this workshop?

This workshop will provide you with answers to the key challenges of interviewing candidates

  • How should I conduct the interview?
  • How do I need to prepare for and conduct the interview?
  • What do I need to focus on to select the right candidate?
  • How do I evaluate the candidates?


By the end of this One-day workshop, you will have

  • Learned and practised how to conduct interviews using behaviour based techniques
  • Used an effective selection process to help you select the right candidate who are able and willing to perform the job
  • Used a technique to collect examples of candidates’ past behaviours, values, experiences and achievements
  • Understood the evaluation of behavioural data to determine effectiveness and relevance to the job

By applying the concepts, you will be able to conduct the interviews that focus on job-related behaviours, enhance the accuracy of your selection decisions, and likely avoid the early attrition.

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