Employee Engagement LENS®

Emotions are data.  They are vital in engaging either customers or employees.  Generally, we run survey to collect the opinions of employees to understand them both quantitatively and qualitatively.  How about a survey which shares organisations with data on opinions and emotions of employees and insights to improve employee engagement? Our employee engagement survey, LENSTM does it. It’s available in English and Tamil.

What is LENS® ?

LENSTM is a Cloud Based Employee Engagement Survey Solution to help organisations to understand feelings and opinions of their employees. Emotions are powerful data.  It will collect data on emotions to understand the pattern on emotions which will give vital insights to organisations to chalk out actions.  Like customers, experience of employees will be impacted by 3 touch points – Job, People and Practices.

Why is it useful?

The collected feedback will help organisation to come out with the right strategy to enhance employee engagement so that organisations will be able to improve employee retention, sales, productivity, quality, customer retention etc,.

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